November 9, 2015

2015 Fall Trial - Another One for the Record

The RREC 2015 fall trial brought it all!
Our fall trial weekend brought a range of weather and lots of new terriers and their people with 175 entries! With summer-like weather to kick off the weekend on Friday, we cleaned tunnels, set up tents and prepared the raffle baskets. We held Superearth and closed the evening with our usual potluck dinner - consisting of mostly crock pot dishes and desserts!

Saturday started off with a HUGE day of entry, with lots of new people entering IQ and Junior classes. The weather was bit drizzly in the morning, but with the warm temperatures and appropriate attire no one minded. We lucked out and got the heavy rain and wind in the break between the morning and afternoon trials when we were all under the tents enjoying our lunch, awards and the raffle draw. With the heavy rain we had to cancel Superearth for that day. The winner of the weekend Superearth event was Beyda and John Shelly (33 seconds!) whose name will be added to RREC's gold shovel! Scrapper and Camilla Moon won the turtle award.

Saturday after the trial the club held a meeting to discuss elections for officers and board members, the annual meeting in February, and the upcoming trials in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, the club is going to hold training for stewarding in conjunction with our practice/training days to ensure we have enough flexibility in our pool of volunteers. Following we had a wonderful catered dinner under the tent and sat around the firepit to dry out and warm up!

Sunday brought sunshine and cold temperatures, as well as new titles: Harry, Border Terrier - ME; Madam, Lakeland - ME; Maggie, Border Terrier - SE; and there were several new JEs and EEs awarded as well.

Many thanks to all the officers and members who continue to work on making RREC trials the best around. Thank you to all the volunteers who make it possible working gates, driving the masters braces, registering participants, selling club items and raffle tickets and much more. A special thanks to those who steward Masters - Julie, Gail, Margaret and Mary Ellen.
If you have an album or photos you'd like to share, please feel free to post them to our Facebook page.

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