September 11, 2011

The Building of RREC Mega SuperEarth 9/11

Thought you had a rough weekend? Wait 'til you see what these guys did!

RREC's crack team of builders were on the job from Thursday through Sunday creating this incredible new SuperEarth tunnel. Designed by Ed Bear, this tunnel features additional twists and obstacles to the original tunnel layout including an over/under tunnel, stone pit and two alternate locations for the rat box.

With a couple of dry runs by historic record holder Diesel and Jack Russell, Nelson, this one promises to be a more interesting, engaging and mystifying challenge. Run time is yet to be determined, but needless to say the old 2 minute limit will not suffice!

Special thanks go to Paul Emanuelson, Richard Jones and Mark Helmkamp on their hard work in building out the complex array of tunnel liners, boxes and a fancy new drainage system. 4 days of work was finished off by noon on Sunday in conjunction with a membership meeting and training in the practice field.

If you are interested in trying out our new mega SuperEarth tunnels, attend our fall trial in November! Qualifiers get a golden shovel pin, and the dog with the fastest time for the weekend gets his/her name on the club's golden shovel for posterity.

If you haven't been to Twin Springs Farm, here are some remarkable images...

More photos of this weekend's activities can be viewed at:

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